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The only gym in the entire UK with full charity status under the Charity Commission organisation.

More than just a gym…a community support network for many.

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2 weeks ago

#RIP Queen Elizabeth II.

2 weeks ago

It’s only lunch time and we feel emotionally spent but have the strongest desire to hear these lived experiences of Suicide ideation and survivors accounts.

Such a much needed day after a 4 year ... See more

2 weeks ago

Bless him.. it at first you don’t succeed try a different sport! Lol

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The BBC 'We are England' documentary exploring the emotional topic of male suicide and the sad passing of Fabio Moliterno, a local well-known and loved barber is now completed. The documentary will be broadcasted on TV in September.

Email info@samsons-academy.org for more info


Come along to our Stand Up to Suicide Comedy Night on Saturday 13th August at Lagos Night Lounge, Bedford 🤣

Get your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/stand-up-to-suicide-comedy-night-tickets-330652619887

This week Kelly & Clare were invited to attended the first menopause midlife meet @Samsons_Academy to give a talk on how our services can support women experiencing menopause & how to look after your mental health.Thank you @IamAnitaPowell for kindly inviting us to your event.

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What They Say.

A wonderful gym and fitness academy- my son joined a few months ago. He started out a shy lad with an interest in boxing. A few one to one intro sessions with Sam at the gym initiated a passion for boxing. I have to admit that I was a bit dubious at first as he had got himself into trouble at school for fighting and I was concerned that this would make it worse. However, the discipline of boxing in the ring only has improved his attitude. I am so very grateful to Sam and his team for the positive changes they have helped bring. His coaching duo- Avi and Amun are definitely the right people for my son- they understand issues children have and use boxing and fitness to assist with behaviour problems and confidence. What I like about Sam and his team is that they realise that kids that some people may have ‘written off’ can be shown an alternative way.

Faith Webb